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To assist you in achieving your marathon goals we will have a team of Pacers. A “Pacer” is an experienced marathon runner who will run at an even effort/pace for the duration of the event to finish at target time and encourage you and other runners along the way. Whether you are a first-time marathoner or you are aiming for the next milestone finish time, there will be a pacer for you to run with. Each Pacer will be easily identifiable in a Red Sydney Marathon Pace Team singlet with the pace time on their back and by a flag which will clearly display their target finish time.

All pacers will run to ‘Chip Time’ and pace as evenly as possible without banking time (+/- 30 seconds at halfway). There are several pacers on each time who will run in eyesight of each other creating a pace zone. This means that you will not need to crowd around a single pacer. Please use them as a moving timeline on which to judge your own effort / race strategy.

There will be a pacer for the following times:

  • 2hrs 45min
  • 3hrs
  • 3hrs 15mins
  • 3hrs 30mins
  • 3hrs 45mins
  • 4hrs
  • 4hrs 15mins
  • 4hrs 30mins
  • 4hrs 45mins
  • 5hrs
  • 5hrs 15mins
  • 5hrs 30mins
  • 6hrs
  • 6hrs 30mins
  • 7hrs (Sweeper)